Birth of Arjati

Arjati, a different perszpective is the brain child of Aakankssha Gupta and Arrpita Gupta.

Arrpita Gupta has been a brilliant student throughout and worked in the top MNC of the world. At the same time her interest and pull to Spiritual world has been phenominal. This encouraged her to work extensively in the area of Spiritual software, apps, websites and make her become a one stop solution to all the digital needs of the Spiritual world.

Aakankssha Gupta's amazing spiritual journey started about seven years ago with Reiki which helped her discover the beautiful world of alternative healings. Being an outstanding student and keen learner throughout, she worked with the corporate world for many years. With the up and downs of life, understanding the deeper meaning of life became imperative and helped her discover her true self. She has been formally trained for Past Life Regression, Reiki, Numerology, Chakra Healings, Angel meditation, Angel Card Reading and many more healing modalities. Through this journey, she realized that it’s important to create awareness about this magnificent world of healing for all.