Angel Card Readings

We undertake individual sessions for Angel and Angel Tarot card readings. Questions can be asked pertaining to any issues that you are facing be it career, relationships, health, life purpose, family, children, etc. The cards give you detailed guidance about the issues of your concern.

Angelic guidance is pure and accurate. It helps you understand the situation clearly and determine your path clearly. You can book your session with us @ +91-9650655658.


Individual Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. It helps in mental peace, spiritual revival and deeper introspection. A lot of us find it difficult to start doing meditations on our own. This issue can be addressed by guided meditations.

Through our customised individual guided meditation sessions we help you reach mental peace and experience bliss by emphasizing on issues which need immediate attention.

Some guided meditations which we undertake are:

• Chakra Balancing
• Healing with crystal meditations
• Inner child meditations
• Angelic Healing Meditations
• De stress Meditations
• Abundance Meditations
• Hoponopo Meditations
• And many More...

Past Life Personal Sessions

We undertake individual/ personal past life regression sessions. Past life regression is a beautiful journey which helps to unfold the past lives of a person and get life changing healings and messages. The process is absolutely safe and has profound healing experiences especially for people who have phobias, fears (say of water, dark, sound, etc.) or diseases with no specific medical reasons, relationship issues, repetitive dreams or nightmares, etc. Past life regression sessions can enable you to let go of these fears/ phobias and have relief. It further enables us to understand ourselves better, understand why we have certain reactions, attitudes, behaviours, etc. It further brings about acceptance and life changes in our personality and behaviours. So if you are experiencing any such issues or just want to experience the process you can call and book your session with us @ +91-9650655658.



Chaldean numerology is an ancient Atlantic method of numerology which helps to harmonise your life. Numbers play a significant role in our lives, our date of birth rule our life and so does our name. Have you ever thought as to why some people achieve instant success, why some face constant failures, some have many struggles, some a smooth path. Each aspect of our life is deeply impacted by the numbers, like date of birth, though we cannot change our date we can work around our name to harmonise it with our date of birth for maximum benefits. Further the number analysis helps understand our personality traits, what we should work on, what colours are good for you, what mantra you should chant and which crystal will maximise benefits for you. So explore this beautiful world of numbers to see life enforcing changes in our self, situations around you.

You can book your session with us @ +91-9650655658.